Tangent FX is the home of original, high quality, easy to use effects for Final Cut Pro X. Our effects are designed by designers, and optimized for FCPX. You’ll find a product to meet any budget and any project.

Final Cut Pro X Products
  • LightPath Transitions for Final Cut Pro X 02


    LightPath Transitions for Final Cut Pro X 02 consists of 10 unique transition elements where streams of light and geometry move through space and time!

  • Flicker Transitions for Final Cut Pro X


    With seven parameters that control five synchronized behaviors, Flicker brings a wide range of transition looks that range from subtle to downright chaotic.

  • Designed Light 4K for Final Cut Pro X


    Designed Light 4k is an ultra high-def set of designer light flare effects.

  • Modern Backgrounds | Motion Graphics Backgrounds


    Accelerate your projects with 20 flexible HD looping backgrounds for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and QuickTime.

  • Modern Lower Thirds


    Pro quality, easy-to-use lower third templates for use in After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCPX and QuickTime.

  • Designed Light Effects for Final Cut Pro X


    Designed Light Effects are a new generation of flare effects rooted in graphics and design.

  • Glitcher 2 | Glitch effects for Final Cut Pro X


    Clean, digital and chaotic. Glitcher2 is designed from the ground up to be a set of simple and effective glitch effects for FCPX.

  • Sale!

    TriTone Overlays | Color Effects for FCPX

    $24.00 $19.95

    Change the mood and emotion of your image using 50 customizable and animatable color effects for FCPX with TriTone Overlays from Tangent FX

  • HotSpots 01| HD Light Flares for Final Cut Pro X


    Tangent FX HotSpots 01 is dazzling light flare footage mixed with the speed and control of an FCPX effect. Light flares for FCPX with detailed control!

  • LightPath Transitions for Final Cut Pro X


    Elegant streams of light zoom through space and time. Simply drag and drop one of 20 transitions from the transition browser. We’ve done the rest.

  • Chrome Bar Wipe Transitions for Final Cut Pro X


    Sharp bars move and unfold above carefully orchestrated matte wipes. Simply drag and drop one of six variations on your transition point.

  • Slash | Transitions for Final Cut Pro X


    Slash uses several colorful and dynamic motion design motifs within three different drag and drop transitions. Explore the different transition types to discover a myriad of transition possibilities.

  • 2D Ring Wipes | Final Cut Pro X transitions


    Clean and elegant ring animations provide guide a carefully orchestrated transitional radial wipe.

  • Chrome Rings | 3D Transitions for FCPX


    Stunning chrome rings guide the video from one clip to the next. Simply drag and drop one of eight variations on your transition point and adjust the colors if desired.

  • Glitcher | Glitch Plugin for Final Cut Pro X


    Drag and drop the digital disruption on to your video. With 7 different glitch operators, Glitcher allows for a multitude of data glitch visual effects.

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