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CBS uses Tangent FX Hot Spots 01


CBS uses TFX Hot Spots 01 for entire News Station group.

New York, NY - July 22, 2014 - The CBS News Station group decided to centralize the graphics and brand for their owned and operated news stations.  The look was designed by WCBS – the main hub in New York City.  They needed to create main opens that could be deployed throughout the group and easily modified.  The opens would contain footage or stills from each specific market, so they had to come up with an organic way to transition between each of the scenes – this is where Tangent FX Hot Spots 01 came in.  WCBS wanted something different that didn’t look like the prepackaged flares that everyone else was using.  TFX Hot Spots 01 offered a unique and organic solution. Using the pre-rendered QuickTime movies from the package, this eliminated plug-in compatibilities issues throughout the station group.

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